The global technological developments of recent years, coupled with sustained periods of favorable economic climate, have fostered the development of newer and more efficient tunneling techniques, both in terms of a technical perspective and economic and labour safety considerations.

The emergence of TBMs has allowed industrialization in full section tunnelling, by placing the concrete cladding on its way and leaving the structural section completed to resist the thrusts of the soil. TBMs have not only set an engineering new milestone, but also enable us to reduce work accidents in a remarkable way. In economic terms, it is also an effective alternative way of addressing projects in long tunnels.

Consistent with our innovative company profile, CIVILSUB has skilled working teams for either conventional operating machinery or execution by TBM works with EPB, open and mixed beams. Our working teams include the following profiles:

  • Team leader
  • Foreman
  • TBM Pilot
  • Invert precast concrete crane operator
  • Tower crane and granty crane operator
  • Locomotive drivers
  • Welders, all categories.
  • Mechanical officer
  • Electrician officer
  • Electronic electrician operator
  • Conveyor belt operator
  • Mortar Plant operator
  • Production staff
  • Workshop staff