The evolution of technology has enabled strong improvements in current methods of excavation, in both conventional mining and civil works. The result of these improvements has had an undeniable impact on our life quality as citizens. Thanks to them, linear infrastructures are built much more efficiently, improving layouts and making possible to connect geographically isolated areas as well as transportation of resources between places with complex orographies. All this has been possible thanks to a greater social awareness about environment, to a considerable reduction in production costs, and to a spectacular improvement in health and safety in the workplace.

Our vocation as engineers, consolidated throughout our professional stage in large engineering projects, make possible for us at Civil CIVILSUB to develop our main activity in the area of the excavation of tunnels through conventional methods. Our work includes tunnelling with machinery and explosives, the implementation of the final concrete coating, the positioning of precast concrete products, anchoring, micropiling, shotcreting with gunite, waterproofing, placement of installations, paving and all kind of works with machinery and lifting loads.

Over the past few years, our team has participated in the construction of large projects of underground works both in Spain and in Europe. Our team is formed of some of the following on-site skilled profiles:

  • Foreman
  • Jumbo drilling tool operator
  • Robotic Shotcreting operator (Guniter)
  • Front loader operator
  • Backhoe loader operator
  • Truck driver
  • Mining officer