In CIVILSUB we are fully aware of the complexity and importance of setting-up in civil engineering projects, hence the reason why we strictly adhere to the appropriate procedures in each singular project, developing a technical assistance framework in designing and assembling the project itself.



CIVILSUB’s DNA is formed by an Engineering Technical Direction of professionals with an extensive experience in the design and implementation of infrastructures. Our team also includes a wide variety of specialized labour force profiles to shape your projects both safely and efficiently.



CIVILSUB devotes special attention to health and safety by eliminating, as far as reasonably possible, the risks of accidents and diseases workers could be exposed to and trying their best to effectively communicate this philosophy to every member within the company, making use of both personal means and economic resources.


CIVILSUB specializes in the execution of Underground Works by either conventional tunneling methods or with tunnel boring machine TBM, as well as the production of modular concrete structures with sliding formwork. For this reason, we have experienced technical staff and skilled labour force on-jobsite to ensure compliance with the deadline dates and guarantee a quality final product delivery.

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CIVILSUB is a Construction and Service Company specialized in excavation and support of Underground Works by conventional methods and TBM. We are also experts in the execution of any type of concrete structures, particularly those with sliding formwork system. We provide outsourced skilled labor force on-site and ongoing technical assistance.

CIVILSUB maximizes customer’s value creation by supporting activities in the vast experience of its human resources: A highly qualified technical staff of engineers and skilled and trained labour force.

Closeness to our clients compromises us to maintain, if Client requires, continuous technical advice from the project phase up to the fully execution of the work. We define an execution planning, periodically monitoring the advance of it by a personalized and flexible framework which allows us to match final result with the scheduled deadline date pre-established by client.

Closeness to our clients, concern about health and safety of our employees, respect to the environment along with innovation and continuous formation of our staff are the pillars of our organization. Our bet for innovation and continuous improvement makes possible the development of more efficiently processes, contributing therefore to deliver high-quality products with competitive prices.

Flexibility allows our company to relocate activities quickly in other countries within the European continent, and thus facilitate the internationalization of large and medium construction firms whom, for this purpose, can continue placing its confidence in us.



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