WORK SYSTEM. How do we make it?

In CIVILSUB, we try to maximize value creation for our clients and collaborators. To achieve our goal, we define a strategy based on merit and professional contribution of our people. We promote and reward team work, achieving common goals through collective contribution and participation.

The experience and dedication of our technical staff of engineers and on-site working teams enables us to a continual improvement process, managing to increase the profitability and quality of the final product efficiently and, in accordance, to increase our competitiveness and our clients’.

We promote cooperative, trusting and supportive medium-long term relationships, professionally and socially, through transparency and open communication for ultimate achieving a perfect alignment with customers’ and partners’ strategic goals. Our philosophy of closeness leads us to maintain, if our client requires, a continuous technical advice at the project set up phase and throughout the complete execution. In CIVILSUB we define a planning for the implementation of the project, following its progress periodically, in a personalized and flexible framework, trying to fit the final quality of our work with the deadline established by our client.

The increase of competitiveness in the construction sector, parallel to the market displacement towards the outside, leads us to face the challenge of internationalization with great enthusiasm. This represents a valuable opportunity to take advantage of our dynamic and proactive nature, as well as, to increase our business improvement. This combination has allowed us to obtain the necessary degree of flexibility to relocate our activities with agility to other countries in the European continent, so that the large and medium size construction companies can continue placing their trust in us in their internationalization process.